In conjunction with Soar Theatre, we’re recording a series of intimate sessions in the beautifully restored Soar Chapel. We’ve got some fantastic bands lined up including singer/songwriters, metal bands & acoustic trios.

To go along with the fantastic music theres a behind the scenes interview with each band. These are going to fun and informative, you’ll get an insight into the band’s influences and their favourite ice creams.

If you’re not familiar with Soar they’re a charity and arts venue in the heart of Merthyr Tydfil. When they renovated their chapel they kept the original acoustic values it already possessed in mind. Also The grand organ provides a gorgeous background for photography and video.

We wanted to do something with our community that WE like, that WE believe in. Merthyr Tydfil used to attract lots of live bands, from far and home. Unfortunately now we are limited in venues but there’s still a wealth of Welsh music out there to be discovered and shared.
We can’t wait to show you more but for now here’s a teaser poster. Share it and share with us your thoughts and wishlists for bands you want.

We’re on all the usual social sites including Facebook and Twitter, plus we’ve put up a beautiful site purely for the videos; SoarSessions.com.


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